Dream Hook Up

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After Natalia Starr enjoyed her mind-blowing experience with two hot basketball celebs, she has been left yearning for more. The pretty blonde babe has hooked up with many back-up team players, but it’s just not enough, she wants the real deal. When Natalia gets the opportunity to spend some time with a real sports celebrity, she jumps at the opportunity. Well-known for his sporting achievements, he also is famous for the amount of women has had, and he’s interested in her. When she arrives at his house, Natalia is star struck. She knows this is going to be something she’s never likely to forget.

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Addicted to Poon

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Natalia Starr wakes up extremely horny and goes to look for her husband Jax, but she’s disappointed to find him paying so much attention to his phone that he doesn’t even look up when she walks in! Natalia tries her best to get her ebony lover’s attention, flashing her tits and then mooning him with her succulent round booty, to no avail. The beautiful blonde despairs that her man is obsessed with his phone, until she hits on a plan to get him obsessed with her poon instead! Natalia slips out of her shorts and boldly straddles Jax’s lap, getting his attention by thrusting her pussy into his face, and Jax immediately gets the message! After using his talented tongue to make his lady moan loudly with pleasure and cum hard, Jax can’t wait another second to put his big black cock inside her and get his fix of Natalia’s box! By the time he finishes on his wife’s stunning face, this stud is hooked on her honey pot!

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Bottle Service

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Natalia Starr works in a high-end club in LA and is always bumping into celebrities. She’s kinda gotten used to it, but there’s something she never gets bored of… When a hot athlete walks into the club and he waves her over for a drink, getting their autograph is the last thing on her mind. It doesn’t matter that she doesn’t know which team they play for or even what sport they play, she’s there for one simple thing, and this time she’s going to get it in stereo!

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Mr M's Week Off Part 2

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Natalia Starr has never had a problem trying new things. She dreams of travelling the world and having new adventures. Relationships have never been her thing, and like all college graduates, she’s broke. When Natalia is approached by a girl at the gym giving her an offer she can’t refuse, she is sceptical. This girl works for a super rich guy who was in town for a couple of weeks looking to have some fun. All Natalia has to do is keep an open mind and enjoy the extra cash. A dream come true? She’s about to find out…

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