We Are Hot For TA

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Natalia Starr has had her fun with her TA, and is still reeling from the experience. When she shares the details with her friend Jill Kassidy, she isn’t surprised. Jill would never consider doing anything like this, but she finds him so cute, and her grades aren’t what they should be either. When both the girls arrive and put the idea to him, he knows that his advice should be that the girls simply work harder. But this arrangement works out pretty well for him too, and with two beautiful girls to have fun with, he doesn’t take much persuading.

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Neighbor Affair

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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Natalia Starr is determined to live up to that saying when she stops by to see her neighbor Chad, who’s moving from Sin City to Los Angeles with his wife. Only, his other half is already in LA getting things settled there, so Natalia takes it upon herself to give Chad the goodbye present she’s been dying to give him ever since they’ve been neighbors…the fuck of his life! Chad isn’t one to deny a gift from someone, even if it’s pussy!

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Try My Girlfriend

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Natalia Starr is struggling financially. With car payments, rent, and student loans, she’s always broke. When her roommate Kylie Page starts seeing a sugar daddy, Natalia gets really curious. Kylie seems really happy and is always coming home with fancy gifts. So she asks her exactly how she could get a slice of the action. That’s when Kylie offers her a threesome with her sugar daddy, and Natalia decides this is the opportunity she’s been waiting for.

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Hot For TA

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Wannabe fashion designer Natalia Starr is failing at college, and her parents are not impressed. They are threatening to cut off her allowance, so she decides to use the skills she has to get exactly what she wants. The TA that is helping her with her studies is really cute and he is grading most of the papers. Here is her opportunity to get her grades improved without having to do too much work… It’s time to put her seduction techniques to the test!

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Graduation Day

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It’s Harley Jade‘s graduation day and she is so happy, and now she wants to celebrate with her best friend, Natalia Starr. They go to her boyfriend’s house after the ceremony. He is a rich club owner and he has an amazing house. The girls hook up in the bathroom, getting up close and personal before they proceed to the kitchen wearing beautiful lingerie and ready to please. Before long the girls and this hot wealthy rich guy are taking the party to the next level, satisfying each other in all ways possible. After taking it to the bedroom, they are on a mission to ensure that they both get a fair share of this ultimate experience.

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Beautiful Day

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Natalia Starr has the curves to drive you wild and the moves that’ll mesmerize your mind. Her bouncing booty has a mind of its own, and she’s waiting to show off her skills. Watch this busty babe swing her hips and lick her lips in this intimate moment that’ll leave you craving for more.

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Challenge The Dick

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Natalia Starr came to get some huge cock. She’s a hot blonde with blue eyes, long sexy legs and big juicy tits. She started out by undressing and shaking that ass and those tits. She played with her pussy and got it nice and wet. Sean joined the party and she sucked and fucked his cock. She got her pussy drilled and got that fresh jizz all over her pretty face and juicy tits!

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I Love Sex With My Ex Boyfriend

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Stunning blonde Natalia Starr has been married to her husband for a couple of years. She doesn’t really love him, but she loves the lifestyle she has. When she finds out that he is not worth nearly as much as he said he was, she finds herself in financial difficulty. Natalia has never worked a day in her life and she’s not about to start now, so she goes to visit her very wealthy ex-boyfriend to see if he can help her out. Needless to say, there is a price she has to pay for this favour, and he’s going to demand more than she could every have imagined…

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